HEXstream's Autonomous Precision Healthcare platform is a strategically configured and integrated set of transformational technologies that enable Digital Transformation throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem to autonomously deliver intelligent, real-time insights to healthcare practitioners.

Operating in a seamless real-time environment, our Autonomous Precision Healthcare platform incorporates transformational technologies such as Advanced Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Devices and Wearables, Blockchain, Intelligent Robotics, and Mobility. The platform uses these tools to improve productivity, emphasizing prevention and access to reduce the need for specialized labor. This boosts efficiency and drives down the costs associated with care throughout the healthcare ecosystem while fostering collaborative, patient-centric care.


  • Smart Care: Improve patient outcomes and lower the cost of healthcare through the use of precision medicine, robotics, and predictive analytics.
  • Care Anywhere: Enable healthcare to move closer to home with advances in virtual care, which helps broaden access to vital resources, especially for maturing populations.
  • Empowered Care: Inspire patients to take a more active role in managing their own healthcare through the development of Living Services.
  • Intelligent Healthcare Insights: Maximize efficiency by allowing healthcare practitioners and their enterprises to monitor patient health in real time.

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