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Since 2017 HEXstream has been energizing peoples’ lives by helping utilities achieve operational efficiency and decarbonization efforts through data insights.


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The Utility360 suite of real-time analytics puts critical data at decision-makers’ fingertips. It is tailored to utility-specific needs and creates an integrated, unique "one data" view across all critical operational systems.


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What people say about us

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“We can now bring near-live data to our customers and provide our stakeholders more recent information to create ad-hoc reports. That improves their ability to make real-time decisions that influence positive outcomes. Utilizing this has really been a home run for us. The developers we dealt with had a great knowledge base. Working with HEXstream has been a tremendous experience for us at Con Ed.”

Joe Polito

Department Manager

“The HEXstream team provided excellent customer service from start to finish as part of our project to migrate our reporting to a new platform. The team was dedicated to ensuring all of our reporting requirements were met and provided additional insights with their industry experience to help create visualizations that added value. The team prioritized clear communication and used multiple avenues to ensure we felt heard. They were always available and ready to jump in a meeting to ensure that the requirements were met.”

Utility Customer

“HEXstream really understood our vision. They took the time to learn what we were trying to do. They helped us build a reporting platform that could support our needs.”

Anthony Cassar

Engineering Supervisor

“HEXstream works closely with our users and has helped us implement systems based on our individual needs and requirements.”

Kakali Sinha

AMI IT Program Lead

“HEXstream came up with a solution to our billing-inspection project that resulted in greater accuracy when the data was collected, getting faster to the database, more accurate and faster billing, and data validation that is 90% accurate. What separates HEXstream from other consulting companies is that they didn't just do what was asked of them, they thought ahead. The whole thing was a wonderful experience.”

Jay Polack

Former CIO

“HEXstream not only provided the technical expertise, but also provided the integrated strategic solution. They worked collaboratively within our matrixed environment and provided outstanding service to the project.”

Michael Horchmer

Project Manager


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