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The Utility360 suite of real-time analytics puts critical data at decision-makers’ fingertips. It is tailored to utility-specific needs and creates an integrated, unique "one data" view across all critical operational systems. Utility360 is built on decades of experience working with 80% of large, North American utilities.

The Utility360 accelerators:

Outage Management Analytics

Outage Management Analytics is a comprehensive set of tools designed to connect primary Transmission & Distribution (T&D) datasets and make tailored information available to optimize operations, from damage assessment to truck rolls. It provides real-time outage information and operational insights across multiple operational units within organizations, both upstream and downstream, to create a single version of truth across customer-facing and internal management communications. It enables you to increase the accuracy of ETR predictions and reduce time to restoration with its robust data model that includes 200+ data elements informing more than 20 dashboards right out of the box, all configurable for the unique needs of your utility. Click here to contact us about how Outage Management Analytics can benefit you.

AMI Analytics

AMI Analytics provides comprehensive insight into metering data, enabling key initiatives such as time of use rate opportunities, demand responsiveness while mitigating asset-management mistakes. It supports the full utilization of utility assets, driving your utility toward ROI goals. AMI Analytics is empowered by tools to manage energy supply and demand, efficiently operate the grid with enhanced reliability and reduced outage durations, strategically manage distribution assets, and further achieve energy-transition targets by engaging customers through demand-side management and other applications to help them make informed energy-usage decisions that save them money. Click here to contact us about how AMI Analytics can benefit you.

Reliability Analytics

Reliability Analytics tracks IEEE metrics as a regulatory requirement and an important part of outage management, accommodating utility's unique methods of calculating and tracking their numbers with differing definitions of momentary outages, restoration and other metrics. This automated approach provides consistent and reliable reporting for regulatory purposes, while freeing your staff to focus on mission-critical work. By establishing benchmarks using real-time data and multiple data points—think major-event days (MED), SAIDI, SAIFI, etc. Establishing a standardized, documented, automated process reduces inconsistencies related to manual reporting and workforce changes. Click here to contact us about how Reliability Analytics can benefit you.

Field Services Analytics

Field Services Analytics (FSA) offers a pre-built data mart and comprehensive set of dashboards that help utilities reduce the number of truck rolls, improve first-time resolution rates, and increase customer satisfaction across their entire field-service operation. FSA empowers utilities to expand into time-series analysis, drive workforce productivity beyond standard reporting, and integrate crew data with cost and asset data to uncover new performance-improvement opportunities. Field Services Analytics provides insights across long- and short-cycle work, with integration between source systems like Maximo, OFS, weather data and drone footage. FSA includes more than 130 data elements and more than a dozen Field Services Analytics dashboards right out of the box. Click here to contact us about how Field Services Analytics can benefit you.

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