Research Report Launch: What Is The State Of Utilities In 2024?

Research Report Launch: What Is The State Of Utilities In 2024?

By Chris McNamara, HEXstream

Our first-annual State of Utilities Report shares perspectives of more than two hundred respondents to our recent survey focused on outage-management data, moving to the cloud, and developing true, actionable insights from utilities’ data. Some trends that leap out among the survey findings include:
• While more than half of respondents are gaining some actionable insights from their data, a large percentage are not, due to a number of commonly shared challenges.
• Cloud computing is increasingly attractive to utilities, but lagging when it specifically comes to outage management; outage-management operators are still not embracing the cloud.

We encourage you to explore this report to discover what your peers and competitors feel about the current and near-future state of data analytics within the utilities sector. You will likely agree with many of the insights here, and perhaps disagree with some elements. (We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss.)

This much is certain…utilities are equipped, empowered and educated to operate more efficiently than ever before. Likewise, utilities’ stakeholders—from customers to regulators—are informed, passionate, and expectant of their power partners to rely upon data to deliver optimal services.


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