How Real-Time Analytics Help Transform Utility Operations

How Real-Time Analytics Help Transform Utility Operations
The Importance of a Reliable Approach for Turning Raw Operational Data into User-Friendly, Interactive, Context-Rich Business Intelligence.

The right operational analytics strategy can empower utilities to make better decisions, from long-term strategy to urgent outage response. All too often, however, potentially valuable data sits underutilized. Nonintegrated source systems wall off data from easy access while isolating it from essential context. In some cases, operations managers have to send a request to IT for even routine data questions. In others, detailed operational analytics and reporting can only be delivered weeks or even months after the fact.

For some industries, collecting and processing data is important only for the generation of long-term strategic insights. Utilities, however, face a slew of challenges that are best addressed with real time data-driven decision-making. Customer communication, outage management, asset management for vital infrastructure/equipment, and field service all benefit directly from streamlined access to detailed real-time operational analytics.

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