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A Southeastern Utility Uses a Hybrid Architecture for Real-Time Analytics

About the Client

  • Not-for-profit electricity generation & transmission cooperative
  • Headquartered in the Southeastern United States
  • Serves over 1.5 million customers

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The Brief

After upgrading from on-premise Oracle Utilities Work & Asset Management (WAM) to  Work & Asset Cloud Services (WACS), the notion of expanded cloud operations enticed the utility.  However, the majority of their operational data silos still lived on-premise, and they struggled to integrate data from their cloud and on-premise source systems for meaningful reporting and analytics.

HEXstream was tasked with building an Enterprise Analytics Platform that would merge cloud and on-premise sources for a 360 view of the utility's operations, including both real-time and historical analytics capabilities. Ultimately, the resulting data backbone would yield more comprehensive insights to drive stronger, data-driven business decisions across the organization.

The Approach

Accelerated Enterprise Analytics Platform

HEXstream built and implemented an accelerated enterprise analytics platform and data warehouse.  The system, the first of its kind, was designed to pull Oracle Utilities Work & Asset Cloud data out of the Oracle Utilities Analytics (OUA) Framework.  This design can also be extended to pull data from Customer Cloud Service (CCS) and Oracle Field Service (OFS).

The resulting platform offered the utility a unified view of their enterprise data, promoting consistency across the organization and maintaining a single version of truth. 

Fully-Integrated Reporting & Analytics

In addition to building an Enterprise Analytics Platform for the utility, HEXstream delivered the first-ever Oracle Utilities Analytics Visualization (OUA-V) implementation for WACS to offer real-time reporting capabilities.  This step helped to solve the challenge associated with meshing disparate cloud and on-premise sources for operational reporting. 

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